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Our mission here is to provide the best possible services to fit your needs. With our flat rates we cut out the fluff.

Chris Cavalier owner has a love for computers and technology. Combine that with his passion for knowledge he will ensure that you get what you need. Regardless if you are a Residential customer or a Business owner we can meet your expectations.

We are here to help

Technology is what drives our lives and we believe it shoudn't be a hassle to enjoy it. Our social and economic needs are now build on a structure of blinking lights and digital wave. We want to ensure your life and business moves along with out any hiccups.

Your the IT guy?


Yes, yes we are the IT guy. However IT is just more than the computers that we work with. It's a broad expansion. We believe as a business we must be prepared to cover all aspects of it. From hardware to software. Phone systems to printers. We provide professional service wether you are a resident or a commercial customer.


I am just another random box


You are? well how about we fill this box with a little knowlegde. 


How did they come up with that name?

Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th century, second King of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia

This same concept is what is intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link. 


Go ahead we dare you...

Click the button below to view our services, or should we say don't press the button it's not red after all.

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