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Our Services are split into two different tiers.

We have business and residential

Computer Networking

Wether you are just starting out building your network or already have an advance layout. We are able to handle your needs from conecption to production.

Managed Services

Too Small to afford an IT professional on staff or need some additional help supporting your IT in infrastructure. We have services that can meet and exceed all of your needs. Every package is catered to your business specifically

Nasty Virus?

The internet is flooded with them these days. If you have caught a bug don't worry. We can weed it out and repair your system.

Computer Running Slow?

Just like your car a computer needs to have maintence done on it. Let us help you with that. Bring your computer in for a tune up and let us remove the junk and get you on your way.


We are apt to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us through a few of the mothods below.


We have your answers!

What is windows 10?

Do i really need an antivirus?

Do comuters dream?

We like to add this square for consistency and our OCD

How does that benefit you? We will not be satisfied untill you are taken care of completly.

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