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Data Recovery

Let us take the headache out of getting your files back. Call us today!

Forensic Data Recovery

Criminal Justice?


Business owner?


We are able to preform forensic data recovery and populate reports that can be used in any cases you may have. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide our services to you.


Have that trusty server and all of a sudden you can't access anything off of it? We have been there and we are able to help you get through that headache and recover your data in a quick and efficient manner so that we can get that server back up and running for you.,

Old Hard Drives (HHD)

We all have had losses in our families and often times they did not keep their computers up to date. We can get those lost pictures and documents off of their systems for you.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Unlike the Conventional HDD drives SSD's are a different animal when it comes to recovering your data. Send your drive in to us and we will gladly recovery anything we can pull for you.

External USB Drives

Those external drives are amazing until they stop spinning up or you are not able to get your computer to read them. We are able to access those drives and pull the data from them.

NVMe Drives

These drives are the newer types of storage on the market. However they require special tools in order to access the memory and pull the data off of them if they go. We have those special tools. Even if you want to just upgrade your system to a bigger drive we can do that since the conventional ways of cloning these drives do not work.

Flash Drives

We all have been there. You take your trusty flash drive and plug it into a computer and boom it stops reading for some reason. Bring it in and we will run it through our system to pull any data off of it we can.

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